These are the artists and photographers who are exhibiting in the Art House Cafe during 2020.

January 5th – February 2nd

Tracey Sullivan
John Duckett

February 2nd – March 1st

Melksham Amateur Photography Group
Jane Thomas

March 1st – March 29th

Lacock Art Group

March 29th – April 26th

Sue Barratt
Pauline Peters
Norma Braine

April 26th – May 31st

Carolyn Hall
Ann Le Corre
Norma Braine and friends
Paula Bruce

May 31st – June 28th

John Hughes
Colin Godwin
Hayley Jones
Melksham Amateur Photography Group

June 28th – August 2nd

Vladimir Demkiv
Chris and Gordon Coutts
Ruth Juneman
Marion Dewar

August 2nd – August 30th

Omniart Art Group

August 30th – September 27th

Joy Jefferys and group

September 27th – October 25th

Ken Horroll
Chris Marshall
Richard Bill
Daniel Dix
John Hughes [TBC]

October 25th – November 22nd

Devizes Camera Club

November 22nd – December 23rd

St Mary's Art Group